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Steve Beef on his sideways move with Katastrove: "It would be hypocritical to carry on as if there was no mistake."

Steve Beef on his sideways move with Katastrove: “It would be hypocritical to carry on as if there was no mistake.”

Why are you leaving?

“In recent months, I’ve seen Zjuul Krapuul slide into a bitter pool of fake news, hate, conspiracy theories, Trump, sympathy for someone plotting attacks. The latter was the last straw. I feel uncomfortable about it and it would also be hypocritical to continue as if there was no mistake. For good understanding, he is allowed to have his own opinion. He may think and think about all this and also declare it. But that does not make me agree on that yet. This is why I step aside. We are not fighting and this is not a political-ideological struggle. But here no I have to draw a line, otherwise I won’t feel good about it. ”

Disaster has always been a paragon of nonsense and bad taste, isn’t it?

“It is true, but the limit has already been reached for me. As a group we have always been very open. Either among themselves or in our songs. Much was possible. But in Zajoul I noticed a certain kind of” extremism “- in the quotes – in his way of thinking. And I really want to respect his opinion, this is not a call for censorship, but for this reason I do not want to participate in it. ”

Have you talked to him about that?

“I can’t get to it anymore, which is a shame. I think it’s because of the loneliness and the consequences of the lockdown. I’m so worried about it. And what this period can do for people. I can understand somewhere, people trapped in their social bubble full of fake news. Who is starting.” In lack of confidence in everything from the government. Then it becomes vulnerable to conspiracies and starts to radicalize. So basically, I see him as a victim of this isolation, and I really feel sorry for him. It’s like losing someone dear to a sect. ”

How are the reactions?

“Honestly, I didn’t expect much fuss. We are a small cult group, we always had to fight. Now it turns out that we are underestimating the number of people who know and follow us. I have also slightly underestimated how much people care about it. I’m now receiving a lot of support from people who know us. Themselves in this story. I really hope Zjuul gets a lot of support too, and I mean that honestly. I hear stories from people who have been shocked by their colleagues, friends, and even family members, who seem to be making very extreme statements. This is a really difficult period and I’m worried about it. ”

How do you complete now?

“I’m not blowing any bridges, even though I realize that coming back is very difficult. I said that“ now? ”Take a step aside. That question mark is a sign of hope. Not so much that I am back in the group, but maybe there is still room for insight and understanding. See “This guy is already a hero in my youth. I was 20 years old when I joined the group.”

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