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Flexibility of working downtown in an “inspiring” space - De Swollenaer

Flexibility of working downtown in an “inspiring” space – De Swollenaer


ZWOLLE – The Zwolle De Verdieping theaters have opened at Café Foyé. De Verdieping is an inspiring environment where you can work comfortably and meet each other as a flexible worker. It’s the foyer and void of Hanzestrohmzaal in the Schouwburg Odeon, an open space with plenty of daylight and greenery.

Zwolle Theaters wants to be a city square as a theater. A place where everyone feels welcome, where you come for a nice performance as well as for a good lunch. A place to meet people, a place to inspire. It now also provides a comfortable space specially equipped for flexible work.

De Verdieping stands for much more than flexible work. It’s a meeting place for everyone looking for diversity in the workplace and wanting to make (new) connections. Practical matters were also considered. There are comfortable chairs, good WiFi, plenty of power outlets and a meeting room (if available) that you can use.

How it works?

Grab a cup from the bar at Café Foyé for 6.75€ where you can work all day and drink coffee/tea at De Verdieping. No subscription, no fixed costs; Come only when it suits you.

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