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Following Florida’s “Do Not Tell Homosexuals” Act, other states have similar plans: What explains that trend?

Why is the “Do Not Tell Homosexuals” Act so controversial?

Activists condemning the law fear it will further stigmatize LGBTQ + individuals. Critics view the law as discriminatory and dangerous to freedom of expression. Meanwhile, many protesters expressed their dissatisfaction with the new policy.

For example, there were protests in Florida, and there was a response from the White House that the law was “terrible.” Another response came from The Walt Disney Company: “Our goal as a company is to repeal or repeal this law, and we will support the companies that operate within it.”

There was a wonderful response to this from American reality star and Olympic champion Caitlin Jenner. For him, Disney’s response has been disappointing, and he has expressed his “full support” for the new law. “I’m a parent with a very large family, I control the fate of my children and what they learn in school. I’m not a math teacher who talks to my children about gender identity. I can teach those lessons.”

Jenner, who decided to pursue a transgender life in 2015, was criticized last week for her comments. He later told Diane Sawyer in an interview that he had known Trance since he was eight. Protesters could not understand his support for legislation banning discussions about this in schools.

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