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Football agent Moji Bayat files a defamation complaint...

Football agent Moji Bayat files a defamation complaint…

Football agent Moji Bayat filed a defamation complaint and breached the confidentiality of the investigation. Report this to his lawyer in reply Belgian. Complaints come after the report is broadcast Midline Wednesday evening on RTBF.

In the report on fraud and match-fixing in Belgian football, it is suggested that, among other things, Pyatt would have affected the Jubilee Pro League play-offs in the 2013-2014 season by distributing luxury watches to players, thus she won the national title for RSC Anderlecht.

“It was noted with great surprise that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, at the current stage of the investigation, is cooperating in a broadcast in which official documents and reports from an ongoing judicial investigation are presented in a very selective manner in a very selective manner,” she said in a statement.

“In the meantime, the necessary initiatives have been taken to denounce this breach of the confidentiality of the judicial investigation,” says attorney Tom Bowens. “Given the nature of the allegations, the necessary initiatives will of course be taken to bring criminal charges of defamation.”

According to the mediator and his lawyer, the investigation and countless interrogations have clarified, and this clarity is in stark contrast to the picture that is now being shown.

Moji Pyatt regrets that the calm he has always contributed to through his silence has been shamefully broken in an unprecedented and irreparable process of destruction that ignores his presumption of innocence, his rights to defense and his right to a fair trial. In the same sense, today he regrets being forced to monitor his defense in front of the public in this way.

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Pro League emergency meeting

The Professional League, on Wednesday, held an emergency meeting about the stories that came out on the sidelines of the judicial investigation. Pro League does not respond to individual cases. “But we condemn any act that threatens the integrity of football,” he said. “The judicial investigation is not yet closed. This makes it impossible for us to make any statements at the moment. We hope that the court will now do its work quickly so that there will soon be clarity for all parties involved.