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After another judge in the divorce case Brad and Angelina |  Famous

After another judge in the divorce case Brad and Angelina | Famous

Last year, it was decided to stay the judge, after which Jolie appealed. The actress stated that he could not be impartial in the case because he was also involved in cases involving Pete’s attorney. She has now been proven right.

People write that this has negative consequences for Brad Pitt. Under the former judge, John Oderkerk, the actor got more time with his children. Now that the judge had left, that arrangement was reversed as well. Pete reportedly agreed to it himself. So it remains to be seen what decisions the new judge will make. Pete’s team has already announced that they will be collaborating. “We will continue to do what is required by law, based on the detailed findings of what is best for children.” Also, “He always wanted the best for the kids, and spend time with them.” Angelina Jolie also doesn’t seem to want to reverse the current arrangement: “She had no objection to joint custody, there were other things she was worried about.”

Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, but the actors are still not divorced. However, the two were officially announced by a judge in 2019. The former couple have since been celibate and will remain so until their final divorce.

Jolie and Pitt were married for two years and a total of 12 years when the actress filed for divorce. Together they have six children, the eldest of whom was adopted.