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For this simple trick your electric bike will be 50% faster

The electric bicycle is characterized by a motor and battery, which provides O-excellent pedal support. On a bicycle, the pedal assist stops at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. These are the rules of the game in the Netherlands and the European Union. For those who find a good speed of 25 kilometers per hour, but still want a little harder propulsion, the bicycle does not have to spend much time on electricity or making major changes to the train.

No wonder a gadget has been developed that makes e-bikes even faster. Meet Speedy (as appropriate). With this gadget you can even buy the money of other e-bike riders. It is undoubtedly very good.

20 to 30 kilometers per hour with speed

Speedy is part of New Zealand’s rock-solid technology NLS components. Simply put, there are many parts that need to be fitted to the rear wheel of your e-bike. How do these parts ensure that your electric bicycle can go faster than pedal assistance up to a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour? Here Can read.

These smart accessories increase the standard maximum pedal support by a factor of 1.5. This makes it easy to stumble upon the electronic parts on the bike. As a result, all parts of the bicycle continue to function as created by the bicycle manufacturer.

Since the speed increases the maximum pedal assistance by a factor of 1.5, the electric bicycle with the speed reaches a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

Electric Bike Speedy
Speedy (Image: NLS Components)

Extra speed for each type of electric bicycle

The NLS Components team has already developed a number of Speedies compatible with a variety of electric bikes, including Trek, Giant, Specialize and Santa Cruise bikes. Additionally, if your bike does not belong to one of these brands, you can order a custom Speedy to fit your e-bike.

What does it cost to ride a bicycle 50 percent? About 160 NZD, which equates to about 96 euros.

Installing SPEEDi on your electric bike is not difficult. Or let’s put it this way: You don’t have to be a bicycle mechanic. The video below shows how the installation works.

More speed: Not a good idea?

A gadget that transforms an electric bicycle into an even faster electric bicycle and converts a faster pedal into a kind of lightweight motor is ideal. Another question is whether this is a good idea.

It is not a crime to want to ride a bicycle even faster with the help of a bicycle. Crossing a bicycle lane at 30 kilometers per hour (and perhaps even faster) is only at criminal speed. There is undoubtedly enough space to cycle fast in New Zealand, but this is not the case on Dutch roads. There is a good reason why the maximum speed for pedal assistance on a bicycle is 25 kilometers per hour. Going on public roads with this gadget on your electric bicycle is not legal in the Netherlands.

Electric bike
A speed bump on the road (Image: ANP / Morton van Diesel)

Not only safety but also the lifespan of the electric bicycle plays a role in this story. Keep in mind that the mechanical parts of an electric bicycle wear faster due to speed, because higher speeds put extra pressure on those parts.

Additionally, the bicycle warranty expires with a gadget like Speedy on your e-bike. This applies to all devices that control the speed of the electric bicycle. NLS components are very outspoken about this in the frequently asked questions on their website.

Bicycle manufacturers use the warranty of a bicycle for its intended purpose. Therefore, anyone who modifies an electric bicycle should consider that the warranty for the bicycle is no longer valid.

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For this simple trick your electric bike will be 50% faster

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