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Force Taekwondo crosses the US fast!

From Porsche Taycan Is breaking records. After he overcame the biggest difference in height, Traveled more kilometers in 24 hours And this Very long drift by electric car Achieved, the German has now set a new record in his name in the Guinness Book of Records. It took just 2 hours, 26 minutes and 48 seconds to recharge the entire width of the United States and the 4,562 km distance between New York City Hall and Los Angeles.

Small motor, large battery!

Of course, no vehicle was used for this. It’s about a standard taekwondo with only one motor and has a very large battery with a capacity of 93.4 kWh. Its main asset is not its driving range, but its exceptionally high charging capacity, says Wayne Gertes, the driver of the vehicle: “When I first charged at the 350 kW charging station, the battery charge increased from 6 to 82. % In 22 minutes. ”

Who can bring him down?

With such a great time, Deacon broke the previous record Tesla Model S It stood still for 7 hours 10 minutes 1 second! This is almost 5 hours longer than Porsche, which used Plug Share, Electrify America and its own network of applications. An amazing achievement, unless perhaps hit, we can not see being hit immediately A car that can charge even faster Again Can drive more.

Is the electric car for you?

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