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U.S. mayor wants to accept bitcoin in ‘His’ City of Jackson

The mayor of Jackson, Tennessee, USA, wants to destroy a place for bitcoin. One of the schemes is that people can pay taxes with decentralized and scarce internet money.

Bitcoin in Jackson

Jackson is a small city in the Middle East with less than 70,000 inhabitants. Scott Conger is the mayor of this city and he has some plans regarding Bitcoin.

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For example, he wants employees to be able to easily buy PTC through DCA The dollar cost is average. This means you will automatically pay a fixed amount every day / week / month The ratio is stacked.

Conger also wants to be able to pay the wealth tax on Bitcoin. He shared his thoughts on Twitter. Significantly, he comes up with these plans shortly after US inflation figures appear to be rising.

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Meanwhile, he also adapted his profile picture with the now popular Laser Eyes Dill 100K. This is a reminder that Bitcoin believers give themselves laser eyes, indicating that they believe Bitcoin will go for $ 100,000.

With that he drops his own country’s currency: “Every year our dollar depreciates”. He finds a solution in Bitcoin: no one can change money with a limit of 21 million PTC.

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Other mayors

Conger is certainly not the first U.S. mayor to openly support bitcoin.

Perhaps the most famous supporter is the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez. He wants to make his city the hub of bitcoin with all sorts of benefits for crypto companies. He is also considering keeping Bitcoin as a city on its balance sheet.

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The mayor of New York City is also behind Bitcoin. Eric Adams previously promised to turn NYC into a “hub for bitcoin”.

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