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Foreign Office – Listen to Sunak fights against immigration & New Zealand government targets Maori | Podcasts

Very lucky in China.

(00:45) British Prime Minister is doing all he can to make Sunak immigration projects a success
Rishi Sunak’s promise when he became Prime Minister of Great Britain: to reduce high immigration rates. But keeping that promise seems difficult. Migration numbers are high and, as a result, criticism of Sunak is increasing. Especially from the radical side of his party. That’s why Sunak now wants to do everything he can to pass the Long Distance Migration Act. He is even willing to set aside various international treaties for this purpose. The British House of Commons will vote on the plans tomorrow. About this Evan Olivier, UK expert VRT.

(11:42) New Zealand’s new right-wing government targets Maori
For years under leftist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand has had a progressive wind. But there is a new right-wing cabinet from this week, backed by the populist ‘New Zealand First’. That government meant bad news for Maori, New Zealand’s indigenous population. The cabinet, led by Prime Minister Lacson, plans to overhaul decades of legislation to improve the status of Maori in society. It’s part of a wider trend that original residents are coming under pressure. About this is the historian Marjolin van Bege.

(21:30) Featured Abroad: China
In the special category, attention is paid to China, which is under the spell of the most notable lottery winner. About Manya Koetse from WhatsonWeibo site.

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