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Former Austrian chancellor becomes director in Silicon Valley

Former Austrian chancellor becomes director in Silicon Valley

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz accepted a job in the United States. He will go on to work for Palantir Technologies, “the most hated company in Silicon Valley.”

according to Cronin newspaper Sebastian Kurtz accepted a job as a manager at Silicon Valley. This area south of San Francisco is home to many high-tech companies and Internet companies. It was meant to help define Palantir Technologies’ strategy. At the head of that company is a conservative entrepreneur Peter Thiel, soul mate and main character during Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

He. She Controversial company Develops software that can be used to extract analyzes from giant data sets. By connecting multiple data sources and applying artificial intelligence, it is possible to conduct communications and analyze the flow and trade of anyone. Critics deplore Blantyre’s enabling of mass surveillance, allowing government services to implement the oppressive “law and order” policy.

Curtis himself did not reply yet. On Saturday, he shared his Christmas and New Year’s wishes on Twitter. Unusually, he did it in English: “Merry #Christmas, a relaxing holiday and a Happy New Year to you all!”.

Fallen Wonders

Kurz, 35, resigned from his position as chancellor in October after accusations of corruption. He and some of his closest political supporters are accused of using government money to manipulate opinion polls in Kurz’s favour, allowing him to become the leader of the conservative ÖVP and thus an advisor.

Temptations of Christ

Kurz, who in recent years has always been called the “Wonderman of Austrian Politics”, vehemently denied. He initially remained the head of his party and the leader of his group, but suddenly announced his retirement from politics in early December. A little earlier, he also became a father. She added that the birth of his son changed his perspective and made him realize that “there are more important things in life”.

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