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Former Cryptopia employee steals 2,000 172,000 in Bitcoin

A former employee of the crypto exchange is said to have stolen 2,000 172,000 worth of bitcoin from the crypto company. Former employee Bitcoin has been found guilty of fraud and theft of customer data. He will receive an official verdict on October 20. No Reports Subject.


The offender has been granted the right to remain anonymous from a court in New Zealand. So no name is known. This is undoubtedly related to the size of the case.

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Cryptopia is a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange that is famous for delivering countless tokens that no one has heard of. The trading platform went bust after several hacks. Customers of the exchange are still waiting for their money.

The former employee is said to have once made a copy of the private keys of the cryptopia wallet without permission. He would have stored it on his own computer.

This allowed him access to tens of thousands of digital wallets with access to more than $ 70 million in customer funds. In the process, the offender claimed he had returned some money. He offered to repay the rest.

T hack

This particular case has nothing to do with the cryptopia hack. The transaction once had more than 80 employees and more than 1.4 million customers. In January 2019, a hacker.5 stole more than 17.5 million cryptocurrencies. It accounts for 15% of the company’s total assets. This is still the biggest theft in New Zealand.

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Shortly after being hacked, Cryptopia went bankrupt. The process is still with the trustee.

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