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Matthew McConaughey addresses the United States on Independence Day

The United States celebrated Independence Day on July 4, 245 years ago. Matthew McConnell posted a video on social media addressing his fellow countrymen.

“Congratulations to the United States on celebrating our independence and the moment our nation was founded. We have to learn, we have to grow, we have to fall, we have to rise again. We have to have faith when we build, because that is what we do, “said Matthew.

He continues: “As Americans we need to make sure we value each other’s uniqueness, but as a whole we put our shoulders together. So take some time this weekend and think about how we can move forward. As a nation, we’re even better and stronger again. , Let’s rock! “

The actor is hilarious with the idea of ​​getting involved in the fight for the governorship of “his” state of Texas, in which he will face current Republican Gov. Greg Abbott if elected as the Democratic nominee. However, it is far from it, and if it had many followers of Matthew, it would not have happened.

“Please don’t have actors, reality stars or other celebrities in the White House. Stick to acting, you’re fine,” one follower said. Another says: “Why should celebrities get involved in politics? It doesn’t make the country better, as we saw with the previous president.”

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