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Former footballer Frank Perrier (Julde Warejem, Standard, Austent) dies of heart attack at 37

Sad news from the football world because former footballer Frank Perrier died of a heart attack last night. The French midfielder is a well-known name in Belgian football because he has been active in the Jubilee Pro League for ten seasons. He is 37 years old.

Norman Frank Perrier received his famous youth training Training Center By SM Kane. However, he was unable to get there and through the lower regions of France he finished in 2008 at Zulte Waregem. There he quickly made an impact with his insight into sports, crosses and many other aids. This earned him the nickname Little General On.

Zulte Waregem, Standard Liège and KV Ostend

After two seasons, Belrier became unacceptable to Zulde Verkem, and he could count on interest at home and abroad. Eventually, Periyar chose to stay in Belgium and moved to Standard for 3 million euros. He could not break the league completely if he had a chronic knee injury and returned to Caverbeak after a season and a half.

A year later, Periyar was having the best season of his life. With 14 goals and 10 assists, he assisted Julde Varejem as vice-champion. The Frenchman hoped to reward his best season with an advanced contract, and with the brand new First Division team KV Oostende he discovered he could count on Marc Cook’s money.

Periyar will eventually stay on the beach for five seasons, but when Cook left for Anderlecht with his money, the Frenchman’s heavy contract began due to the roads of KVO’s funds. So he had to look elsewhere.

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Heart problems

In the summer of 2018 Frank Perrier signed a contract with KV Michelin at 1B. However, after a while, heart problems were diagnosed, meaning he would not play for the Malinois team and had to stop playing football in early 2019. His heart pumping function was only 70 percent, so the best game was not recommended.

After his active career, Periyar first started as a scout at Cavi Michelon and later as an assistant coach at Cavi Ostenday. According to Sforza He suffered a heart attack during a paddle game in the Ostend area yesterday. Periyar was still able to resuscitate there, but could not get any help if he had a new heart attack at night in the hospital.