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Bill Gates wants to contribute $ 1.5 billion to infrastructure project …

Bill Gates wants to contribute $ 1.5 billion to infrastructure project …

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has promised to invest $ 1.5 billion (approximately 3 1.3 billion) in projects in the United States if the US government approves a plan to reduce CO2 emissions. That massive investment plan is currently being considered by the US Congress.

Earlier this week, the Senate approved a plan to pay $ 1,200 billion for infrastructure improvements. Of that amount, billions of dollars should be sent to the energy sector for programs to combat climate change. The House of Representatives has not yet commented.

According to Gates, if the law is passed, the project will not only reduce pollution emissions, but also create more jobs.

The ambitious plan, among other things, will cost $ 550 billion on public transportation, broadband internet and clean water. In addition, money will be spent on improving the electric charging infrastructure and other measures to combat climate change.

The Gates Climate Fund will spend $ 1.5 billion over three years with the goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Investments will focus on the development of green jet fuel, hydrogen and long-term energy savings.

Gates called it “critical” that the costs of climate technology be measured to a “tremendous level”. According to him, the latter can only be done with the right policy of the government.

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