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Former gymnastics coach Wisma still guilty of aggressive behavior |  other sports

Former gymnastics coach Wisma still guilty of aggressive behavior | other sports

Gerben Wiersma, the former national coach of Dutch gymnasts, remains guilty of misconduct. However, it is not punished. This is the decision of the Appeals Committee of the ISR Judicial Institute. The Disciplinary Committee had previously acquitted and painted.

The KNGU gymnastics association is aware of the ruling, which the ISR has not yet published. Noord-Hollands Dagblad successfully obtained the judgment, which states that Wiersma demonstrated conduct in 2010-2011 that falls under infringing conduct. The five former gymnasts who were accused and charged have been accused of, among other things, insulting and making offensive remarks.

They draw a response to the ruling in a message on the website of the National Trade Union Confederation. “After investigation, it was found that the undesirable behavior was very limited in number and seriousness, that there was absolutely no intentional behavior and that blame could be blamed on a very limited scale,” explains the coach, who resigned from his gymnastics federation in March.


I was expecting confirmation of acquittal

“According to the Appeals Committee, a number of behaviors that occurred in 2010-2011 meant that gymnasts found themselves outside the group, and were ignored and misunderstood in a number of cases,” explains Wersma. At the same time, the committee also noted and established that I was one of the initiators of the cultural change that has occurred in the world of gymnastics since 2012, that many gymnasts have rediscovered their happiness in Heerenveen and that there are no further reports after 2010-2011. “

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They also discuss and draw the previous acquittal. ,, When I was acquitted in April, I pointed out that there are gymnasts with apparently negative experiences and partly with me. Although I will not be judged, I have relied on the confirmation of the verdict of innocence.”