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Former special forces company Stijn Swijns from “Kamp Waes” declares bankruptcy |  television

Former special forces company Stijn Swijns from “Kamp Waes” declares bankruptcy | television

televisionThe Company Court declared bankruptcy of the company “MissionMe” of Stijn Swijns (35 years old), known as operator Stijn from the VRT1 program “Kamp Waes”. Swens, a former Belgian Special Forces trainer, with MissionMe focused on corporate leadership training and organizing youth camps.

look. Our country’s first ever “MissionMe” youth camp

Stijn Swijns gave up his role as a Special Forces instructor to found his own company “MissionMe”. That’s why he can also become Agent Stijn in the popular show “Kamp Waes”. Viewers knew him as a tough but fair leader who made the candidates suffer. After the end of Kamp Waes, MissionMe trainings and camps became more popular than ever. But they don’t seem to be that popular anymore.

MissionMe’s mission was to help companies work on leadership. To this end, the ex-soldier organized keynotes, workshops and personal development programmes. This approach was based on special forces best practices. In addition to leadership workshops, children can also go to “MissionMe” youth camps in the Ardennes. “Throughout our military operations, we have developed a wide range of competencies that are also very useful for personal growth,” Stegen said of the company in a previous interview. “We want to share this experience with individuals and organizations to better prepare them to face difficult situations.”

Swijns decided to stop “MissionMe” himself, which resulted in it being declared bankrupt by the company court in Hasselt.

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