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Clothes rental has suddenly become very popular in Spain thanks to the royal family

Clothes rental has suddenly become very popular in Spain thanks to the royal family

Last week, Princess Leonor was sworn in on her 18th birthday, which was a big event in Spain. More than three million people watched it live on Spanish television and newspapers wrote about it in Spain and abroad. But not only did the future Queen Leonor steal the spotlight, but her younger sister, Infanta Sofía, also managed to attract a lot of attention due to her choice of clothing.

It was a day of great symbolism because Leonor took the oath to the Spanish Constitution, officially making her the heir apparent to King Felipe VI. Naturally, Leonor, who was dressed in all-white, received all the attention, just like her mother, Queen Letizia, who was dressed in all-blue. But younger sister Sofia also managed to attract attention with her clothes. Not because it was particularly beautiful or exceptional, but because of its source.

Infanta Sofia chose an outfit that was not new or from a new collection, but something much better: it was rented! Her floral print design (the Theola dress from the London fashion house Erdem, knee-length, made of 100% silk and with cape sleeves) has many advantages that a new dress cannot match.

First, it’s cheaper, because she was able to lease it for €268 instead of the €1,770 the new model costs if bought. Secondly, it is more sustainable, because choosing it is seen as a commitment to circular fashion and support for sustainability. Thirdly, it is a decision in line with current times and trends: it has been confirmed that in 2023 the rental dress will be the pinnacle of sustainable luxury.

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Sofia rented (via the Spanish royal family’s hairdresser) the dress from the website Buro