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Former US President’s Comment on Cryptos!

Former US President’s Comment on Cryptos!

Everyone, including the former US President, is allowed to comment. That comment is about cryptos and is very significant.

We know Donald Trump as President of the United States. But also as a successful entrepreneur. The value of man is billions. He is known as an opportunist and takes his chances to make money. He is even more remarkable Crypto As ‘the most dangerous thing’. Other investors look at it differently and look at their crystal ball and predict the million dollar value of a coin.

Manning over cryptos

Commenting on cryptocurrencies, he warned of a “one-day explosion” that would “make the big technology explosion smaller”. He also talked about his new social media site Truth Social and his wife’s Fungal Token (NFT) business. Fox Business released the interview on Tuesday.

“What do you think about crypto?” Trump questioned. The interviewer noted that “New York and Miami actually receive cryptocurrency in their financial systems.”

The former US president reiterated his anti-crypto stance: “Well, I never like it, because I like the dollar. I think the currency should be the dollar, so I’m never been a big fan. But it’s getting bigger, and no one is doing anything about it.”

Epic eruption

The former president expects a big explosion in digital markets. Trump has never been a fan of crypto. In August, he predicted that cryptocurrencies would be “a disaster”. In June he mentioned Bitcoin A fraud that must be largely controlled. Maybe they think this because he’s not in it? Otherwise he would have said it was wonderful.

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