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Read cycling news: Anna does it from the BBC | Hack

Holigan has been a correspondent for the BBC in the Netherlands for some time. She integrated her life as a mother in a special way and is known for breaking the news in a casual, casual way. She often brings news from the bike because she has to take her daughter to school. He delivers Dutch news in a different way than his colleagues.

She did not expect her way of publishing the news to receive much international attention. In a video on Twitter, he speaks proudly, according to the first Christmas news coming from the Holigan cycling route, for example, Consul General Herman Idema in Toronto also got on his bike and explained the country’s cycling culture.

From an ice bike ride in the city, he says, Canadians have created several makeshift bike lanes during epidemics. On the other side of the world, Ambassador Mira Waltberg says there will be more cycling lanes in New Zealand in the coming years. Ambassadors in various cities around the world all hope that the bicycle will become a very important means of transportation.

Holigan says he is pleasantly surprised by the positive reactions to his live reports from the cycling lanes in The Hague. In October last year, during a live press conference hosted by Mark Rutte, the British first received international attention when he peeled an orange for his daughter who was patiently waiting on a freight bike. He says in the video that his outstanding statement that Holigan ‘certainly did not expect’ will cause a trend among Dutch ambassadors.

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