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Fossils of a giant ninja dinosaur that lived 140 million years ago have been found in Argentina.

Archaeologists say the fossils represent a ninja species of dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous 140 million years ago. They identified the ninja tin as a titanosaur, a group of long-necked plant-eating dinosaurs that walked on four-legged legs.

Incomplete dinosaur fossil remains have been found in the Patagonia jungle south of the city of Newgen. The researchers said that ninja nets proved that the Titanos as a group appeared much earlier than they first knew.

“This is the oldest record known not only in Argentina but around the world,” Pablo Gallina, lead author of the study, told Reuters, a researcher at Argentina’s National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET).

“Titanosers have been recorded in many parts of the world, but the oldest records are more modern than this invention.”

At about 65 feet (20 m) long, the Ninjatian was a large dinosaur, but later reached a length of 115 feet (35 m), much smaller than the Argentinosaurus-like titanosaurs. The researchers also said that the presence of such an early titanosaur in Patagonia supports the idea that titanosaurs appeared in the southern hemisphere.

The findings were published in the journal Science Amazonia.

Titanosaurs are part of a larger group of dinosaurs called robots, which include others with body structures such as Prontosaurus and Diplodocus, which lived in North America during the pre-Cretaceous Jurassic period.

Many of the titanosaurs that inhabited Patagonia reached enormous proportions, such as Argentinosaurus, Patacotidan, and Tretnoctus.

Another CONICET researcher, Jose Luis Carpatillo, told a local university publication that people may think that the age bones of the ninja’s fossils belong to a group of dinosaurs that date back to the Titanosaurs.

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“In Patagonia, titanosers have been known since 120 million years ago,” he said.