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Fourth place in the Belgian Tornado in the last 4x400 meters in the Belgian record

Fourth place in the Belgian Tornado in the last 4×400 meters in the Belgian record

The Belgian relay team finished fourth again in their fourth Olympic final. Not quite a medal, but an achievement to be proud of from the Belgians. gold for the United States. In the playoffs, Jonathan Burley was injured and his twin brother entered.

This is the third time in a row that a relay team has just missed the Olympic podium places. Alexandre Dom was allowed to bite the bullet. He managed to keep up with Botswana and Trinidad and Tobago. Jonathan Sakor managed to take third place, but was forced to give up places for the Netherlands and the United States.

Dylan Burley put the momentum back into the race and once again the medal prospect. Finally, Kevin Burley had to go all out to beat Holland and Botswana, but he didn’t succeed. Fourth place is another, but the Belgians do it just like the Panthers in a new national record.

The Belgian Cheetah broke the Belgian record twice during these games.
Photo: BELGA

The women’s relay team finished seventh in the final. Naomi van den Broek, Emke Vervet, Pauline Coquette and Camille Lauss clocked 3:23.96, a new Belgian record. On Thursday in the series, the Cheetah had already set the Belgian record sharper, then 3:24.08. It was Belgium’s first women’s Olympic final. Two years ago at the World Championships in Doha they finished fifth.

Kevin Burley: It’s hard

C’est dur. Dylan and Kevin Borleigh barely got anything from Spurza’s mic after they lost a medal in the 4x400m. Great disappointment, both brothers were speechless. “I don’t know what to say,” Dylan muttered. “We worked really hard for this and then this. This is really hard, really hard. Same sound with Kevin. In what might be his last Olympic appearance, the fastest Borleigh failed to get a medal.” We run faster and faster at every Olympics and what We get it as a reward? nothing. Fourth again. This is a sport. Unfortunately. We may be proud, but we really can’t raise ourselves that far right now.

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Fourth place in the Belgian Tornado in the last 4x400 meters in the Belgian record
Photo: BELGA

Sakur: “I walked home”

Same sound with Jonathan Sakur. “It hurts to give your all, you have hope at the last moment, and then see it slip through your fingers. Because it can. It would have been a medal. Sakur started very quickly in his lap, but passed from all sides in the last hundred metres.” “I had to start fast to be in that leading group,” Sacoor said. “I got on well with the Americans and eventually came home straight. I have no idea how that happened. Holland put in one of the weakest runners in my series, but I I don’t have the strength anymore, nothing. I need to discuss this with the coach. Well fourth place is what he most thanks, but we can be proud of. Only the joy of this achievement will come from tomorrow.