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KV Kortrijk incurs its first defeat of the season: KRC Genk win after a goal in the absolute final

KV Kortrijk incurs its first defeat of the season: KRC Genk win after a goal in the absolute final

KRC Genk took their first win of the new season this evening. The Limburgers won 1-2 at KV Kortrijk Stadium. Chevalier gave the players the lead, but in the second half Limburger repeatedly climbed through Unoacho and Munoz.

The opening minutes were in favor of KV Kortrijk. Arteaga attempted to touch the ball with his hand inside his penalty area, but the ball was full, so no penalty was awarded. Moments later, Soleimani had a good chance, but his shot went too far.

Then KRC Genk took the lead. With fine football, they often came in the men’s sixteen, but efficiency was missing. Bungonda hit the ball and the shot was overtaken by Etting, who was on the starting line for the first time.

KRC Genk searched for the opening target, but the target fell on the other side. Rogo headed the ball well into the goal and Chevalier was in the right place to nod the ball at: 1-0.


The Limburgers were upset and the best chances were still for KV Kortrijk. Marlos Moreno’s shot went wide through Artega’s leg. Then the winger tried to use a spectacular reflex, but could not hit the ball. On the other hand, Etting was still the most dangerous man, but the score was 1-0 in the first half.

the other half

In the second half, KRC Genk went quickly in search of the equalizer and was rewarded for it. First Heynen did not get past Ilic, but in the next corner, Onwacho headed the ball against the ropes: 1-1.

Then KRC Genk went to look for the lead, but Ilic kept a strong match. KV Kortrijk goalkeeper put in some excellent shooting performances from Theo Bongonda. 1-1 seemed to be the end result.

Jenk Kortrijk

However, in the absolute final, he still works for KRC Genk. The Limburgers managed to score again through a corner kick. Munoz was in the right place to push the ball into the net.

For example, KRC Genk won their first win of the season. The team is now in the middle class with 4 of 9. KV Kortrijk suffered their first defeat and now has to share the leadership position with Union. Both teams have 6 out of 9.

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