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France arrested the CEO of government mouth mask supplier ...

France arrested the CEO of government mouth mask supplier …

The director of Avrox, the Luxembourg company that supplied our country with 15 million mouth masks, was arrested in Cannes. This writes Ness Matin. It will be presented to the Belgian court.

The businessman, who will reside in Cannes, will appear before the Aix-en-Provence prosecutor’s office today after his arrest Tuesday. According to Nice-Matin, that will likely make it accessible to our country.

Tuesday also thought Searches are done in Avrox. In June, an investigation was already opened into the sale of the masks. The searches were coordinated by Eurogest and took place in different countries. According to the newspaper Evening, Which has reported online, has included home searches in Luxembourg. The Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the inspections, but did not want to provide further details. Home inspections are part of an investigation into, among other things, document forgery, use of fraudulent documents, fraud, money laundering, and obstruction of freedom of auction or registration.

Opposition member Michael Freilich (N-VA) responded, “It seems clear that the network is closing more closely around suspects.” If it turns out that our country has been defrauded, I hope we can somehow get our money back. We will then also have to consider the political responsibility of the then government, which apparently acted recklessly in this matter.

The Cabinet of Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder (PS) is following developments closely, but confirms that “in terms of defense, all procedures were followed at that time”. “Both the Audit Bureau and the State Council concluded that the Ministry of Defense did not make a mistake,” says its spokesperson, Cedric Maes. If there are forged documents now, it is a crime and the court has to do its job. It is not the DoD’s job to check the companies’ references to make sure they are correct. Whoever gives false signals is committing a crime and can be prosecuted. We are now allowing the court to do its work quietly and depending on that, we will see if the Belgian state should take further legal action.

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