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Enthusiastic KV Mechelen puts Club Brugge above the knee |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Franken: “Schoofs should score high in the Golden Boot” | Jupiler Pro League

Arnar Vidarsson, Wesley Sonck, Filip Joos and Vranken discussed in overtime the Schoofs’ excellent performance against Club Brugge. “He played really well, sort of like his coach was playing,” Fedarson noted.

“He was present box to box and also gave depth. He was very calm on the ball. The ball wasn’t supposed to go in, but he played a very good game.”

What is the Schoofs’ great strength? “He has great confidence,” adds his coach Wouter Franken. “Schoofs has always been a good football player. I know him from STVV, he just has to feel good on the field.”

“He has prospects, running ability, passing ability. The national team? There are of course great cadres out there, but if I talk about 2021 I think he should finish top in the Golden Boot. I don’t immediately see anyone else who has a good full year.”

Don’t blame Joos Vranken. “In midfield you have Hans Vanaken, he may be from a higher level, but then Schoufs comes in. He also performs every week.”

“He’s also come of age,” Vidarson concludes. “He’s got some experience, he knows how the game works and he’s getting stronger. He’s starting to gain experience to be an outstanding player.”

Questions for Franken: “Schoofs can certainly be summoned for demons”

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