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Instant match Xavi can make or break in CL: "Just think of victory" |  Champions League

Instant match Xavi can make or break in CL: “Just think of victory” | Champions League

Barcelona have managed to survive the Champions League group stage for 20 years in a row, but that could change this year. If Barcelona loses at home to Benfica tomorrow, they should do better than the Portuguese against Dynamo Kiev on the last day of play against Bayern Munich. Almost impossible task.

Thus, the pressure on Xavi did not occur until his second match as coach of Barcelona. “I only see one result for tomorrow and that’s a victory for us. I’m not ready for anything else so I don’t want to think about it.”

“Furthermore, of course I would also like to see a great play, although that will go hand in hand with a win. Not only is the victory important, but also the way in which it is done.”

In the first leg, Barcelona received a 3-0 blow from Benfica led by Jan Vertonghen. “It’s a great team with high-level players. We know there will be times when they will hurt us. But we also have high-level players.”

What will Xavi do if things go wrong? “I’ll only answer this if it actually happens. I don’t want to agree to these kinds of negative hypotheses. If we don’t win, we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

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