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Free beauty treatment for cancer patients

Free beauty treatment for cancer patients

Relax, pamper yourself and enjoy a cancer patient moment: this is what the Smile Initiative is trying to achieve. From March 17, 2022, cancer patients can visit the plastic surgeons at Hana Inn [ comfort zone ] Come for a delicious pampering and skin-strengthening treatment. This is completely free.

More comfortable on your skin

Beauty treatment probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re dealing with a serious illness. However, taking good care of yourself can make you feel better about yourself. Pampering your skin can be a great moment of relaxation, taking care of yourself. This is why the Look Good Feel Better Foundation’s “Give a Smile as a Gift” campaign is returning this year.

During this working month, estheticians at Hana and [comfort zone] Willing to give (former) cancer patients free and comfortable treatment. Participants receive the treatment as a gift from the salon, as well as a home grooming kit.

How it works?

Give A Smile is for people with cancer whose last medical treatment was less than 12 months ago. They can register via or through Geef-een-glimlach For a free treatment at a salon near them. You will also find terms and conditions of promotion on these sites.

When will the promotion start?

The “Give a Smile” campaign will start on March 17, 2022. Cosmetic sessions can be planned from that date.

What does it do to the skin?

The treatment ensures that your skin gets a boost. In addition, Hana will receive first aid or a [comfort zone] REMEDY SMALL KIT TO TAKE HOME to help skin recover further.

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Specially formulated for skin that hasn’t been balanced out by heavy medication, such as chemotherapy, First Aid by Hannah provides soothing, softening and comfort for extremely fragile skin. The fragrance-free cream also ensures that the skin’s protective mechanism is restored. As a result, the resistance increases and the skin becomes able to defend itself against harmful influences.

REMEDY Products [comfort zone] It contains powerful and natural ingredients that can promote the health of sensitive and fragile skin. REMEDY ensures that the skin barrier is rebalanced, redness is reduced and the skin’s ability to protect itself from external factors is improved.

Better Look Good Feel Foundation

On the Look Good Feel Better Foundation website You can read more about skin care for people with cancer.

By joining our cosmetology professionals, the foundation ensures that patients don’t care about illness, but rather about feeling better. In addition to great initiatives like “Gift a smile,” Look Good Feel Better also organizes workshops in hospitals and online and is a source of information for anyone wanting to learn more about skin care for cancer.

Source: Look Good Feel Better, Hannah | Photo: iStock, Hana