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French minister warns: ‘New lock affects economic growth’ | Now

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Myre said on Friday that the new lockout in France would adversely affect the country’s economic growth. President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday announced that the country would be locked up for a third time. France is one of the EU countries most affected by the corona epidemic; The measures so taken led to an economic contraction of 8.8 percent last year.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Le Myre says more can be clarified about the economic consequences in the coming days. “These measures will affect economic growth in 2021. We are still exploring its impact and will release a new estimate in the coming days,” the French finance minister said.

Macron chose a new lock on Wednesday due to the rapidly rising corona infections and dangerous reports from hospitals in and around Paris. The intensive care units there are overflowing with corona patients. The French president pointed out that his country leads to 100,000 corona deaths. “If we don’t act now we will lose control,” he said.

The corona virus is growing in the European landscape. In addition to corona operations in France, those in Germany were also extended. In Belgium, the government took further steps to control the virus, but those measures are now stalled after a judge ruled that all Belgian corona rules must be repealed within thirty days.