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Washington on alert: Deadly clash of guards at Capitol | Abroad

According to a Bloomberg reporter, the suspect got out of the car with a knife before the man was shot by police. The area around the blue vehicle is curved. The car is parked against a block. It became clear in the evening that one of the officers had been killed. The culprit also died. The other officer was seriously injured.

According to the news channel MSNBC, this is Nova Green, 25, from the state of Indiana. He is said to be a follower of the African American Muslim movement Nation of Islam, according to his Facebook page. In recent reports, he says he has recently lost his job and is looking for ‘spiritual guidance’.

The siege of the US Congress in Washington.  An officer was killed in the collision.

The siege of the US Congress in Washington. An officer was killed in the collision.

The Washington police chief said there was no more serious threat. Nothing further is known about the further motive of the culprit. The murdered suspect had a criminal record. CNN reported calling the dead guard William Evans.

‘Security issue’

Officials say the U.S. House of Representatives building in Washington was locked outside due to a “security issue.” Participants were asked to stay indoors and away from windows, according to a critical statement on Twitter.

Police vehicles and officers immediately blocked all roads in the area. Parliament (Congress) was adjourned on Friday, so there were relatively few people in the building.

U.S. President Biden has ordered flags to be hung at half mast at the White House. In a statement, the president said he and his wife were heartbroken and offered condolences to the next of kin and other mourners. He talks to Capitol about “a difficult time” for “everyone who works there and those who protect it.”

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After a tumultuous election year in early January, Capitol was attacked by hundreds of supporters of then-President Donald Trump. Five people were killed then.

After the bloody seal, the fence ring was placed a short distance from the building. Authorities recently began removing these fences. The number of National Guard reservists has also been reduced. This extra security of the army came after the storm.