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Uitzinnige Hooverphonic-gitarist gaat viraal en krijgt zelfs eigen T-shirt

Frenzied Hooverphonic guitarist is widely spread even …

Raymond Girts standing with his shirt.
Foto: if

Hooverphonic had T-shirts printed with the guitarist pointing his finger at the camera. The photo is from the semi-finals in which Belgium has just been called up as one of the finalists. Raymond Girts, 61, who was mad like a kid, has sprung up on social media.

Raymond was the most enthusiastic member of the Belgian delegation on Tuesday evening when the results were announced. Badly cursed, with the current on f * ck He slowly shouted his arm.

“I especially liked the entry of Raymond’s camera,” Alex Callier said upon his return to the locker room. To which Raymond Geerts added: “I’ve been training since 1966.” Then he watched the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time when he was seven years old.

Now Raymond himself is on stage, and he’s enjoying it to the fullest. He had previously told our newspaper that it was this Once in a lifetimeExperience.

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Inspired by the witty reactions on social media, Hooverphonic’s Alex Callier came up with the idea of ​​getting a picture of his enthusiastic companion printed on the T-shirts. Mention of the word “cash” refers to the phrase that is more striking than words Wrong place: “Don’t you dare wear a Johnny Cash shirt. Don’t you dare put on a Johnny Cash shirt, so.

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Crazy Hooverphonic guitarist is so widespread he even gets his own shirt
Shirt design.
Foto: if

Designer Tom Iribot, responsible for hofferphonic clothing for the Eurovision Song Contest, went to search the Netherlands for a manufacturer who could print the design at the last minute. In time, the load of shirts touring all the members of the Belgian delegation arrived.

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Crazy Hooverphonic guitarist is so widespread he even gets his own shirt
The Belgian delegation.
Foto: if

Hooverphonic is the fourth of 26 participants to perform in the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday. They do, of course, in their design from last Tuesday. They keep shirts for backstage. The group aims to obtain a place in the top five.

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