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Frey and Jerkins pull Antwerp over the goal line against Syring in the last quarter |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Frey and Jerkins pull Antwerp over the goal line against Syring in the last quarter | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

It was not without effort that Antwerp held the three points on Bosuil against Seraing on Sunday. Only Frey and Jerkins managed to erase 0-1 for Mikutadze in the final quarter.

Antwerp – Seraing in a nutshell:

  • key moment: At the end of normal time, Frye shows that perseverance wins. While rooting, he makes his way past Seraing’s defenders to conclude his move with a fine cross pass. Jerkins thanks Antwerp and leads Antwerp to victory.
  • man of the match: Michael Fry almost single-handedly turned the tide on the Tawny Owl. He brought home the home side fifteen minutes from the end with his ninth goal in the league and Jerkins provided the winning goal in the final stage.
  • Special: Antwerp started the season with 0 out of 6, but were already undefeated in 5 matches in the competition. After a home defeat and draw, he has now claimed his first home win of the season.

Keeps Deitch Nainggolan and Miyoshi from 1-0

Antwerp does not appear to have fully recovered from the painful Europa League defeat at Olympiacos. Seraing obviously caught his eye, lost in the derby against Standard, and started the match better. Botiz had to be alert with a long shot from Kelota.

Only after about 20 minutes Antwerp beeps for the first time. Nainggolan put in a solid effort from outside the box and Dietsch had to flatten to keep the ball out of his line. Seraing was briefly pinned, and Bollinger nearly passed Miyoshi into his own net.

Antwerp could not keep up the pressure in a match that went on without much danger on goal. Only with the break in sight did Syringe begin to tremble again. Nainggolan’s cross pass deviated slightly from Boulenger and so the separated Miyoshi could hit from close range. Deitch prevented 1-0 with a great reaction.

Frey scores and lets you score

Soon after the end of the first half, Antwerp again came close to scoring the opening goal. Nainggolan put Frey in the center with a clever pass, but showed that top scorers can miss badly. After a lesser attack on the ball, the Swiss decided to go too far. After a few minutes Miyoshi was allowed to attempt a pass from De Lat, but his shot was just blocked.

Just when Antwerp got the match in their hands, Syring hit ice cold in the switch. Jallow Mikotadze sent deep and scored the opening goal superbly over Botiz in the net.

Brisky stepped in and pulled Nainggolan and Fisher to the side in front of Benson and Jerkins. This duo brought a new dimension to the game of Antwerp. However, Antwerp was only able to turn up fifteen minutes before the end, thanks to Sering’s carelessness. Frey was allowed to head unimpeded from De Lat’s long throw in and Dich was surprised, too: 1-1.

Syring kept trying at the table. Almeida pulled the emergency brake when Marius suddenly managed to break through and was glad it stayed yellow. In the final stage, Frey made the difference again for Antwerp. He made his way to Seraing’s defense with strength and character and drew the winning goal over Gerkens’ head.

Condom: ‘Fry’s goal was a laugh’

Gordy condoms He was strict with Seraing after that. “I am not happy with the first half. We showed a lot of respect, when we had nothing to lose here. The second half went better, even though we lost in the end.”

The Seraing boss is not particularly comfortable with the way Seraing has collected the Equalizer. “Fry’s goal against him was laughable, you should never have conceded a goal like that. There was also a lack of aggressiveness in the second goal. It’s sad because a win here would have meant a lot to Syring and now we come back empty-handed. We always have to learn from our mistakes, but doing So it’s more fun when you win.”

Brisk: “Proud of the team”

relief in Brian BriskyAntwerp was able to correct a crooked situation. “We knew it was going to be a tough match, Syringa is a strong team that plays good football. But I thought we were the best team, we created the most chances. We didn’t finish our chances at 100 per cent, and then if you concede a goal it becomes more difficult. I’m proud of half The last hour. Then there was more commitment, strength and energy. In the end, we had a well-deserved victory here.”

Despite the victory, Brisky did not remain blind to his team’s poor game. “I’m not completely satisfied with the football we’re playing now. That’s nobody in the locker room. But it’s not easy to play against teams like Syring who are very compact. We also miss some of the mechanics between the players, which is a big problem at the moment. But I’m proud of the team. They showed strength and quality to win that match.”

  1. The second half, the 95th minute, the game is over
  2. The second half, the 95th minute. The end. Antwerp gets rid of European hangovers with a hard victory over Syring. Frye was a savior for the home team thanks to the equalizer and the assist to Jerkins. This is Antwerp’s first home win this season. .
  3. The second half, the 91st minute. 4 additional minutes. Syring still has 4 minutes to avoid defeat. It looks like Antwerp is on track for its first home win after a tough match. .
  4. Second half, 90th minute. Substitution in RFC Seraing, Theo Pierrot entered, Ablie Jallow out
  5. Second half, minute 90. Substitution in RFC Seraing, Dario Del Fabro inside, Wagane Faye outside
  6. Second half, 89th minute.
  7. Second half, minute 88. Jerkins concludes Fry’s great work! Antwerp still take the lead in the final stage! Frey impressively makes his way through Seraing’s defense on the right and draws the ball to Gerkens’ head. This leaves Dietsch without a chance. A goal and an assist for Frey, the winner of the match may be known. .
  8. A goal during the second half, the 88th minute by Peter Jerkins from Antwerp. 2, 1.
  9. The second half, the 86th minute. Syring is not in a hurry, it is mainly Antwerp that is trying to launch a final attack. But Dietsch should not take any action for now. .
  10. The second half, the 81st minute. The tension is now gone. Antwerp cannot accept a point, while Syring may agree. Will we still achieve the winning goal? .
  11. The second half, minute 78. Violent Bean Almeida. Marius can suddenly sprint toward goal, but Almeida pulls on the emergency brake. Since De Laet was still close as well, he remained in yellow. Mazez doesn’t like it and in turn receives a yellow card for protesting. .
  12. Yellow card for Denis Almeida van Antwerp during the second half, 77th minute
  13. The yellow card for Youssef Maziz from Ittihad Sarayj during the second half, 77th minute
  14. Second half, 77th minute.
  15. The second half, the 75th minute. Fry tied! Everything to reset in Bosuil! Frey was allowed to head unimpeded after a long throw in from De Lat, as was surprised Deitch, who was so far from the goal line. The ball falls over the goalkeeper. Frye’s ninth goal in the league brings Antwerp again. .
  16. A goal during the second half, the 75th minute by Michael Frey van Antwerp. 1, 1.
  17. Second half, minute 75. Substitution in RFC Seraing, Marius Mouandilmadji inside, George Mikutadze outside
  18. The second half, the 75th minute. The goal scorer Mikutadze is allowed to leave. Marius takes his place to complete the last quarter. .
  19. The second half, the 73rd minute. For Antwerp, it is a matter of two minds: chasing the equalizer and preventing Syring from running further. Visitors lurk at the table and occasionally walk out dangerously. .
  20. Second half, minute 71. Two more new forces for Antwerp. Eggestein and Bataille join the team for Miyoshi and Dessoleil. Antwerp still has more than 20 minutes to change the tide. .
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