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Friday is getting a little warmer, and Saturday is downright summer

Photo: Ben Sanin

After the rather gloomy weather of the past few days, with relatively cool temperatures for the summer period, Saturday is going to be a bit of fun. Then there’s plenty of sun and it’s hot in the summer.

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“Friday is going to be a bit of a transition day,” Weerplaza’s Wouter van Bernbeek told Omrup Brabant’s Wakker radio show. “Earlier in the morning we still had to deal with a few showers. This will also be the case on Friday afternoon, but in between we see more room for the sun and it gets warmer than the past four or five days. It has been like that. A few days in a row is below 20 degrees, but we’ll get through that on Friday. With 22 degrees you’ll feel a bit warmer. Not much wind anymore. That’s a good start.”

“Lots of sunshine”
Saturday can start out a little foggy in many places, but according to Water, that fog will soon be gone. “Then we get plenty of sun and with very little wind from the southeast it will be warm in many places in the summer. The maximum temperature will be 26 degrees. Overall, a very nice day!”

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