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Friday's second biggest win in EuroMillions: 202 million...

Friday’s second biggest win in EuroMillions: 202 million…


With no first-place winner on Tuesday, the EuroMillions jackpot for Friday’s draw will be raised to at least €202 million. It’s the second biggest prize ever.

Michael Timmerman

The numbers 11 – 13 – 14 – 36 – 45 and the stars 7 and 9. If you had specified that Tuesday in your EuroMillions note, you would now be 178 million euros richer. But no one did, there was no 1st place winner, which once again raised the jackpot. Next Friday there are at least 202 million euros to be won. It’s the second biggest grand prize ever: in February of this year, the Swiss won €210 million.

“The EuroMillions regulations state that the jackpot can increase if there is no winner. But there is of course a limit,” said Jock Vermoyer, a spokeswoman for the National Lottery, previously.

This limit reached 200 million euros until December 2020 and the Frenchman won it after that. But there is also another interesting rule in the regulations. The next time that limit is reached, the ceiling may be raised by 10 million. In February, for example, it was possible to play for 210 million euros. “If we reach 210 million in the future because there is no winner, it can be increased to 220 million euros. But the maximum, currently set in the regulations, is 250 million euros.”