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From Germany to New Zealand: Van Wollton’s mistake goes unnoticed

The mistake that was made in Tokyo was not noticed in the international media. Dutch cyclist Annemick von Wollton crossed the finish line yesterday after a road race at the Olympics in Tokyo. She was amused to think she had won gold. However, he went on to win silver behind Anna Austen Keisenhopper of Austria.

This is what Van Wollton, who feels stupid, said yesterday:

How can Van Wollton underestimate a cyclist he does not know? France televisions About the incident. The French media argue that the misunderstanding arose due to the lack of communication during the race, which was also reported by von Wollutton. “This is dangerous for the Olympic title hope,” the channel writes, adding that the whole Peloton did not realize what was happening on the lead team.

‘Success without’

Eleventh-placed British cyclist Lizzie Deacon also thought Van Wollton had won the race. “Anniemeek is a very strong and deserving winner,” he told BBC cameras.

British newspaper Defender Writes about ‘one of the biggest misconceptions about Olympic cycling’. Due to ‘strange circumstances’, Austria was able to win, writes the British newspaper. ‘Van Wollton Celebrates Unprecedented Victory’ Telegraph Headlines.

German newspaper Glass Contrast that with the Austrian ‘sensational victory’ after a misunderstanding.

‘Biggest Olympic mistake’

CNN It is understood that Van Wollton raised his hands as he crossed the finish line. “You do it when you think you won Olympic gold,” the American channel writes. “Except she didn’t win gold.”

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“The biggest Olympic mistake in history,” New Zealand writes Herald About the incident. Because the fault has gone unnoticed on the other side of the world.

However, during the match, BBC commentators were unaware that things were going wrong, a warning observer noted: