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From Lapland to Morocco: Sergio Hermann goes on a road trip with familiar faces |  Television

From Lapland to Morocco: Sergio Hermann goes on a road trip with familiar faces | Television

TelevisionChef Sergio Hermann, 51, has discovered the culinary mistake of travel. In the brand new program Sergio Across Borders, he travels to the finest regions of Europe and beyond in search of new products, ingredients and flavours. And he doesn’t do it alone, but with Jeroen Mewes, Kurt Rogers, Ella Laers, and Reggie Benckstein, among others.

On each trip, Sergio Hermann takes a different guest with him as passionate about life as he is. Together with Jeroen Meus, Regi Penxten, Kurt Rogiers, Ella Leyers, Wim Lybaert, Axel Daeseleire and Dutch actress Anna Drijver, Sergio travels across borders in search of inspiring stories, great experiences, and unique ingredients. Sergio Hermann also went on a trip with Marco Borsato, but due to the scandals that have been circulating around the singer recently, it has not been determined whether this episode will actually be broadcast. Registrations go back to the end of this summer. At the time, no charges were brought against him. We will continue to follow the issue closely and will decide later whether or not this episode will be broadcast.”

Besides cooking, Sergio Herman also wants to get to know his guests better. “We learn more about each other’s lives and emotions, experience fun moments together and also don’t shy away from serious and deep emotional conversations. These are lifelong memories.”

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Sergio Hermann in Marocco © Instagram

The travel list includes Croatia, Spain, Swedish Lapland, Italy, the Netherlands, the Faroe Islands, Morocco and Greece. In each country, they immerse themselves in a culinary bath and meet food experts with whom they explore the local food culture. For example, Sergio and Jeroen are out of their comfort zone when they dive for wine at the bottom of the sea, Kurt and Sergio are looking for adventure when they go by car off-road in the Moroccan desert and Reggie is terrified when he passes. Next to a ladder down a cave in Spain to taste a special cheese. At the end of each trip, Sergio cooks for his guest all the ingredients he learned during their road trip.

“Sergio across the border”, starting Tuesday 4 January at 20:30 VTM.

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