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Who will be the next bond?  ‘Not a woman anyway’ |  Movie

Who will be the next bond? ‘Not a woman anyway’ | Movie

MovieMuch has been written about and speculation about it, but it is still not clear who will be the next James Bond. Although the film’s producer, Barbara Broccoli (61), has lifted an angle of the veil: “I stand by my faith, I don’t think a woman should play James Bond.”

Barbara Broccoli and her half-brother Michael J. Wilson run the James Bond franchise. This means that she is now receiving a lot of questions about the future of films. Daniel Craig gave his last performance as 007 in No Time to Die. It is not yet known who will succeed him and the real talks about this will only begin next year. Broccoli herself shrugs off all speculation on social media, but admits that she wants the role of Bond to be played by a British man again.

“I think it’s going to be a man because I don’t think a woman should play James Bond,” Broccoli said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I believe in making characters for women and not letting them in for men’s roles. I don’t think there are big enough roles for women and it’s very important to me that we make films for women about women. The new bond should be British. But as British, he can be of any race. or sweat.

Daniel Craig won’t return as Bond, but Broccoli says the door is open for No Time to Die director Carrie Fukunaga to return. “No Time To Die” received widespread acclaim and grossed $765 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of the pandemic era: “We love Carrie. He’s done an exceptional job,” Broccoli says. And he certainly did. But I don’t know if he would do something else. We would definitely be happy to work with him again.”

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