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From Super Talent to Police Search: Australian Darts player is back

Australian darts player Corey Katby is thinking about returning to the PDC. The Youth World Champion The UK Open finalist in 2016 and 2018 disappeared when he appeared. The (already) 27-year-old super talent threw his last javelin at PDC 2 years ago.

‘The King’ was heard on Wednesday, at a time when no one except a fan was thinking about recovering from the Australian player. “Will Cory Katby ever return to the darts?” The fan was surprised. The Darts player replied: “I’ll be back to Q-School. I can leave Australia and enter England. See you soon!”

Should we trust Ketby?
It remains to be seen whether Katie will actually be at Q-School in January 2023 because she is not yet active on the Australian Darts circuit. So it is not yet clear what form he is in.

The brutal Australian world is amazed
Katie made her PDC debut in August 2016 at the Sydney Darts Masters. He then lost to Bill Taylor in the first round. After a World Series match, the two confronted each other again, and only Katie was able to surprise the entire dart world by brutally crushing the now 16-time world champion 6-2. In 2018, he took his tour card on the 1st day of Q-School with a fantastic match, believing instantly that he had reached the final of the UK Open the same year, which he lost to Gary Anderson. A better future awaited him, but it turned out differently.

Depression, visa or something else?
Katby’s sacks started in October 2018. He withdrew from the World Series of Invitationals, which he played in Australia and New Zealand, for a ‘broken arm’. Shortly after this cancellation, he was seen without a blaster at the striking Australian local tournament. He also missed the World Cup later that year due to a visa problem. After that, a search message was also placed alleging that he had misbehaved in traffic. Will Katie be on the right track now?

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Check out the video posted by (former) professional darts player Matthew Edgar about Katby: