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Future tension over Astana-Premier Tech CEO Yana Seal: ‘Maybe I’ll be in Siberia in 10 years’

She thinks we should follow the example of the blue aliens from the movie ‘Avatar’ and expect even better work-life balance. In the third chapter of his Time Capsule, Yana Seal (36) discusses her future.

Which book do you still want to read?

Margaret Mitchell Con with the Wind. I first read it when I was 15 and would love to read it again. The main character is a free-spirited young woman, she goes through many difficult moments, but can still keep them going. ‘

Which movie do you still want to see?

“There are three directors, and I look at everything they publish. Steven Spielberg, Luke Besson and James Cameron. I’ve already seen ‘Avatar’ six times and look forward to its sequel. Cameron worked for five years on a $ 300 million budget. I think. ‘

What will life be like on Earth in 200 years?

I remembered everything and now my diary is full of lists to do.

Yana seal

CEO Astana-Premier Tech

‘I hope we will deal with digitalization more consciously and realize how important personal, face-to-face communication is. That’s why I think ‘Avatar’ is a good film. Although these aliens are much more developed than we are, they are mainly concerned with their souls and how they interact with animals. ‘

What other concert do you want to attend in this life?

Madame Butterfly – Maria Callas – Puccini

Where else do you want to travel?

Canada, New Zealand and Siberia. I’m not a city trip madam, I ‘m not on a cycling holiday. A holiday in nature makes me very happy. ‘

How do you know you are getting older?

‘I have to write things down. I remembered everything. Now my diary is full of to-do lists. ‘

Written by DigitCobs

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What do you ever want to do, but never get around to it?

‘I want to exercise a lot more. As a kid I used to do gymnastics. I was also selected for professional level competitions. But because I could not connect this to my studies, my parents stopped me. It’s a little late now, but if I could turn the time on, I would have exercised more consistently. ‘

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

“I hope to find a better work-life balance and spend more time with my children. Maybe something life-changing will happen to me and I will give up. I trade the hustle and bustle of a life as a farmer’s wife in Siberia.