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How Can Cisco CCNA Certification Help Your IT Career?


With alternative education and training from certification vendors, there are a lot of buzzes generated around. So, if you decide to search for in-demand credentials, you may get millions of feedback in less than a second. Still, you are probably mulling over what a certification can do for you and your career. Thus, the mission of this post is to help you discover how the CCNA badge can help accelerate your IT profession to a completely new level.

How CCNA Credential Can Help Your IT Career?

First, what is the Cisco CCNA? This badge applies to starters of IT who intend to dip their feet in networking. It involves passing 200-301 exam that revolves around principles of networking & security, network access, IP connectivity, programmability, automation, and IP services. As a matter of fact, possessing such a certification can make a difference in your occupation. As you know, moving up the ladder of badges is no cakewalk. Therefore, setting out from scratch will help you a great deal as it eases how you move upwards. Thus, the CCNA helps you in the following ways:

  • Jumpstarts your IT career

Let us say you are fresh from college or university or, perhaps, you are looking to change your occupation. Here, the CCNA certification can serve you as the link that has been missing. Such a credential prepares you for the most fundamental issues of networking and brings you to a level where you can comfortably display your skills. This can be the edge that you have been seeking to beat the competition when job-hunting!

  • Bridges the gap between knowledge and skills

Most times, we have noticed graduates whose knowledge does not agree with the needs of the labor market. They only know the theory but skills for doing productive work are missing. So, what should such an individual do? Or, if that is you, what do you think you should do? The answer is that you need to seek a prestigious certification to pursue. And the CCNA is the best point to begin. Why? Well, the Cisco training program facilitates young specialists to align their knowledge with the hands-on skills necessary for the job market. Overall, having a credential from an IT giant as Cisco is trusted as a framework for demonstrating your readiness for a job.

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  • The certification course is brief

Again, if you have limited time or, perhaps, feel like you do not wish for a route that takes all your time yet you wish to enrich your professional endeavor, pursuing a badge is a splendid choice. Only a few weeks or months is all you need to set aside for your training. In fact, you can have lessons in the evening after work or even on weekends. The CCNA also encourages action-based training that enables assessment of the latest technologies and building of relevant skills, after which you can then participate in work-place based scenarios.


Not all credentials are created equal. The Cisco training model, in particular, centers on hard study and action-focused experience. So, if you have been still wondering about your eligibility for the Cisco CCNA certification, then now you are aware that you can fit perfectly within the requirements needed. Prepare for your 200-301 assessment to get ahead and merit a ticket to jumpstarting your career or promotion!