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Gary Oldman put a lot of effort into Dracula

Gary Oldman put a lot of effort into Dracula

Carrie Eloise During a new interview came a rather strange revelation about the way the actor Gary Oldman I stay in the mood to play Dracula in it Dracula Bram Stoker.

The movie is based on Bram Stoker’s book of the same name. In the center is a vampire from the title, centuries old who moves to England from his native Transylvania. There he wants to seduce Mina Murray: the vampire believes that she is the embodiment of his dead wife.

Dracula– Recordings
The protagonist of the film is Oldman, who plays Dracula. It was released in 1992 and got good reviews. This is partly due to the production design. There were a lot of comments on the actor Keanu Reeves Who have a very bad English accent.

However, the film won three Oscars, thanks in part to Oldman’s good acting. Who put in a lot of effort to get the role.

“Francis [Ford Coppola] He believes that the more time the cast spends together, the more he will be seen on the silver screen. So all the vampire hunters lived together and poor Gary had to go alone. Gary slept in a coffin every night, and he took it very seriously. He also chose to separate from all of us. So it was the first time we saw him on set during rehearsals and after that we never saw him again.”