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Genk eliminates the crisis with a big victory over Zulta Warjim

Genk eliminates the crisis with a big victory over Zulta Warjim

KRC Genk can still win. After three consecutive league defeats, Limburgers took the win again on Sunday. The helpless Zulte Waregem was set aside in front of his home crowd with a 2-6.

Both Zolt Varegem and Genk were under pressure before the match. Isefi has managed to carefully avoid the crisis in the past two weeks, but he is still hanging out in the lower reaches of the rankings. At Limburgers, the crisis has been complete since last weekend, after 0 out of 9 in the competition and poor European matches. The cup win at Winkle Sport didn’t change that: Genk had to win at Javerbeek.

From left to right: Vossen, Doumbia, Humberhayes, sprint after the heavy defeat.
Photo: Belgium

space sea

Already in the opening quarter, Genk revealed the pain points in the back of the Zault Wargem. On the left side of Essevee there was a sea of ​​space twice: after three minutes Bossut made the first attempt at Ito, but after thirteen minutes the Japanese were injured. Munoz had a street right and played wide on Eto’o, who kicked superbly into overtaking Busot with his outside foot.

Shortly before that opening goal, Zolt Vargem was really dangerous for the first and only time during the first half. Zinho Gano was given plenty of room on the edge of the sixteen to moor, and his explosion crashed onto the post. When Seck hit the skin five seconds later, the offside had already been reported and I whistled.

Genk easily parried the attacking Zolt and Argem, who was very careless with the ball, and went in search of 0-2. All the risks came from the right through Eto’o and Munoz, who gave Dombe a difficult afternoon. Eto’o put the skin on Onwacho’s head twice, but the long striker’s header lacks accuracy. At the break, it was Thorstvedt who put the Limburgers on the Roses. The Norwegian took a moderate pass from Eto’o smoothly and put it into the far corner.

Genk eliminates the crisis with a big victory over Zulta Warjim
Eto’o scored (second from the left) and provided the assist in the first half.
Photo: Belgium

Salvation Unwacho

Genk had no intention of firing the accelerator, and in Zult Vargem, everything collapsed. Once again, Zolt Varegem’s left wing was folded, and once again Eto’o found Unwacho’s header: the third luck of the Nigerian, who managed to score his first goal since September 26. Just over five minutes later, Heynen scored after a muddled stage in the 16th and less than two minutes later, Lucumi put the score 0-5 on the board. With 35 minutes left on the clock, it promised to be a long torment for Frankie Dory’s men.

Meanwhile, coach Esifi, after two weeks of protests against Antwerp, took over Gut’s presidency again with some fans. “Dury is outside,” she sounded again from the hard core division. Perhaps he inspired the home team to return the favor. After 63 minutes, King Dombe’s assistant finally managed to make his move and former Genki Geli Vossen managed to veer somewhat into the goal. The honor guard was on the board and Kutesa could also score his goal, but that didn’t make them too happy at Solt Wargem. Shortly before the whistle, they got 2-6 from Heynen, who scored his second goal in the afternoon.

Zolt Wargem Assortment:

Busot, Seran, Humphreys, Pletinex, De Bok, SIC, Sisako (46 Doumbia), Dombe, Kutesa, Vossen, Jano

Genk preparation:

Vandevoordt, Munoz, Sadick, Lucumi, Arteaga, Heynen, Hrosovsky, Thorstvedt (63′ Tresor), Paintsil (80′ Oyen), Ito (80′ Bongonda), Onuachu (80′ Ugbo)

Objectives: 13′ Eto’o (Munoz) 0-1, 45′ Thorstedt (Eto’o) 0-2, 47′ Unwacho (Eto’o) 0-3, 52′ Heinen 0-4, 54′ Lokumi 0-5, 63′ Vossen (Dombe) . 1-5, 82′ Kutesa (Serani) 2-5, 86′ Heinen 2-6

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yellow cards: 25′ Thorstvedt, 34′ De Bock, 42′ Hrosovsky, 74′ Humphreys, 76′ Sadick