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Ghent acquired AI Hub – Emerce

Ghent acquired AI Hub – Emerce

Ghent University, PMV and real estate developer Alides are collaborating to create an AI Campus Hub in Zwijnaarde. The center helps companies and researchers push boundaries using artificial intelligence, deep technology and semiconductor photonics.

The AI ​​Campus Hub will be a tower building of approximately 20,000 square meters where more than 600 AI and deep technology professionals from both companies and research institutions can work on creating the digital applications of tomorrow. The tower will become a meeting place for collaboration between various deep technology disciplines.

For large companies, the AI ​​Campus Hub will be the ideal place to establish their AI and photonics innovation teams. Startups can also go there to develop new products, smart devices or robots in collaboration with researchers and other companies. They can use co-working spaces, a manufacturing lab and a nearby clean room, which is world-leading in semiconductor photonics development. The high-tech cleanroom facilities will be expanded and adapted in conjunction with the construction of the tower.

It is no coincidence that the AI ​​Campus Hub is located in the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park, the science park jointly developed by PMV, Ghent University and the City of Ghent, which brings together start-ups, emerging and growing companies and research centers within a vibrant ecosystem of ground-breaking innovations . Today, 4,500 researchers are already working, including at companies and research centers such as Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, BASF, Daikin, Eastman, EMC, VIP, and about 100 deep-tech startups.

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The project is also financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Fund for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FIO), the City of Ghent and the Province of East Flanders. Architecture firm EVR will design the building. It will be built by Algemeen Bouw Maes and should be ready in 2026.