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Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut releases on August 20 for PS4 and PS5 – Games – News

You had to do that is exactly the problem. I can introduce it to you, unfortunately I do not understand you. It’s not a fuss, which is exactly why you always have to pay.

You should also buy a new console if your battery is broken. It’s those little things that I think should be a little bit consumer friendly. I like to spend money on good things, for example, if the game is really good, I buy the thicker version. Then I know those numbers are expensive or something not worth it in terms of product, but I give the developer the limit. I often buy a game on PS and on PC / xbox because I play with all my friends. There I also find cross saves/advances missing the super acidity. In my opinion, I find paying for an update (not a remake/rework) sloppy. Especially when you look at how shit is measured. Loading times go almost instantly, maintain higher resolutions as well. Move some values ​​in there and test it and you have your own ps5 version. Ray tracing etc. has also been added to ps5 games. Do you have to pay for it again?

Some developers do this, look at the control. It was no different. Even “oops” that slip showed they were lying. Then you have subway exit or ethernal doom or any xbox game. free. The fact that you don’t understand the “fuss” isn’t that some kind of obfuscation, then? And no I’m not a fan of xbox or anything, they just do it better. Just like the best PS exclusives so far. If they look more at each other, and grab the good stuff from each other, you won’t have to pay “happy” again. Who knows, you might spend it in another game. For children or other people, 10-20 euros is a very large amount of money.

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Just like the iPhone developed shit so it can’t be made. Cars are made of parts that break down quickly. All to earn the maximum. These are really not strange things to say. And if you support such products, it is OK to vote for your grant. I don’t like doing that, and that’s just my “noise”. I’m still enjoying the game, but I’ll wait until this game sells out.