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'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' first reactions: A new peak?

‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ first reactions: A new peak?

The CinemaCon event that is currently taking place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will bring us a lot of movie news. So today we got first trailer Before Spider-Man: There’s no way home to see. More news and trailers are likely to appear in the coming days. It is also remarkable that Sony Pictures Ghostbusters: Afterlife show up.

And after the release of the fourth movie in the franchise, a number of first reactions also surfaced on the Internet. And Sony Pictures seems to have done well after the 2016 setback.

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Ghostbusters, directed by Jason Reitman will contain a “The perfect blend of classic Ghostbusters moments with a fresh and unique twist.” called and “Reitman’s love letter to his father and daughter”. Here are some of the responses online.

In cinemas from 11 November
in a Ghostbusters: Afterlife single mother arrives (Carrie Kon) and her two children )Makena Grace employment Finn Wolfhard) in Summerville and begin to discover their relationship with the original Ghostbusters – and one of them is clearly their grandfather.

The family has left behind an old, dilapidated house, full of secrets and old Ghostbuster paraphernalia, including the famous station wagon and the protonback rifle. Very soon supernatural things appear.

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