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Kristen Stewart criticizes her career: 'I've only made five good films' |  Movie

Kristen Stewart criticizes her career: ‘I’ve only made five good films’ | Movie

MovieAmerican actress Kristen Stewart (31 years), who will soon appear as Princess Diana in the new movie “Spencer”, has criticized her career harshly. In an interview with the Sunday Times, she said there are “actually only about five films” that she’s really good about.

With over 50 movies to her name, Kristen Stewart is no stranger to the world of film. The actress catapulted to stardom in 2008 with her role as Bella Swan in the films “Twilight”. The actress, who is currently contending for an Academy Award for her role as Princess Diana in Pablo Larren’s Spencer, told the Sunday Times about her critically acclaimed body of art since her split from Twilight. Choosing roles is often a “complete mess,” she says. “Maybe she’s only made five really good films out of the 45 or 50 that she’s been in. These are the ones that make me think, ‘Wow, you did a great job from start to finish!’ Christine herself is a particular fan of her films directed by Olivier Assayas, like” Clouds of Sils Maria” and “Personal Shopper”.

But it’s not that the actress regrets her other films: “There are only a few films that I really regret my commitment to. I was satisfied with the result there, but I did not like filming.” When asked what movies she was just talking about, the actress preferred not to answer: “No, I’m not a mean person, I’m not going to throw people at black,” she said.

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In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, Stewart said she has become more selective in choosing the films she acts in: “I used to be the opposite of really eclectic,” Stewart admitted. “But I think I will be more careful now. I think I now have a better sense of what will work, both in terms of experience for me personally, and what will go well on the big screen.”

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