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Giuliani loses lawyer’s license after election lies

A New York court has overturned the role of Donald Trump’s adviser Rudy Giuliani in spreading lies about the results of the 2020 presidential election in the United States.

Giuliani, as a lawyer for the former president and for Trump’s campaign team, has made false and misleading statements to the courts, lawmakers and the public in a failed re-election in 2020. Motivated Appeals in New York Court.

The Bar Association begins the process of suspending the Association Giuliani as a member

The court ruled that the conduct of the 77-year-old attorney endangered the public interest and thus revoked the license until the conduct was terminated. This measure applies in the state of New York.

• Police raid Rudy Giuliani

Without providing evidence, the lawyer and former New York City mayor repeatedly said that Democrats stole votes in the presidential election and that Trump lost to Joe Biden as a result.

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