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One Year Compensation Pack Sea Rocks, ‘Please Wait’

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Take to the streets in Willisington and talk to people about the compensation package for sea reefs, you will get a lukewarm reaction. The trend is ‘look first, then believe’. No wonder. For many years there was talk at all levels about the arrival of sea reefs from Thorn to Wilmington. The painful result was known to all: nothing came. Any doubt about the compensation package is normal in that light.

The wind on the boat

“I don’t like any of this,” says one older woman. An old man laughs out loud when he sees the official name of the compensation plan The wind on the boat. “Pick a boat here in the marina and sail on the Western Shelter. Then your boat has air!” He sees little benefit in compensation measures for his city of “Poor Wilsingen.”

“I understand very well that this needs to become more convincing for our residents,” Alderman Albert Vader understands. “It only happens when archaeologists come to work, but before that there’s really a lot going on in the background.”

The exact location of the Vlissingen Judicial Complex, the High Security Prison and the courtrooms in Vlissingen has been determined. The ground is still under negotiation. But construction has not yet begun. Comments on the street about this ‘EPI-WillingSingan’ are divided. From ‘we already have enough criminals’ to ‘they are better off being locked up than walking around the street’.


After a three-month delay, a building was discovered at Bellamy Park for the Strategic Knowledge Center for Organized Disobedience Crime. The company is expected to open after the summer.

The Delta Knowledge Center for Planning, Water, Food and Energy for Other Knowledge Center should be completed by June 1, but delayed. The partnership between University College Roosevelt, HZ University of Applied Sciences and Scalta is set to bring a good plan through August 1st.

The third delay is about the name of a district that has no natural gas. Wilmington’s decision has been postponed until November 1.

There is no reason for Alderman Vader to sound the alarm. not yet. “We do not care, but it should not be a viscous path. We are very careful about it, because if you allow it to reduce attention, it goes away.”

Interview with Alderman Vader von Wilisinghe on the implementation of the Sea Fox Compensation Package

There are many more actions from the compensation package, but not yet realized. The high-speed rail link from Zealand to Randstad is in the pipeline, but will only come into effect in December. Also, the shares of water company Evits should be separated from the shares of PZEM, which means extra money for Geeland. The Provincial Council and the House of Representatives must make a decision on this.

In February, the Netherlands and Flanders signed an agreement to invest two million euros each in upgrading the railroad from Ternussen to Agent. A good intention, but not yet a new path.

In particular: medical students

So far, G.P. Training is really the only step in the set that has a clear end. In March, the first four primary care physicians began their full training as general practitioners in Zeeland. They have various GPS in the province. Works in practice and follows theory lessons one day a week at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam.

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Seven starts on September Physician assistants (Medical Assistant to a Physician) with a degree in Applied Science at HZ University. Their authors are from Arnhem and Nijmegen.

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