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Glenn was bitter in Mexico on Kings Day

Van Tom explains that the Dutch have always come together in the city on Kings Day. Usually, old Dutch games like Nail Stool and Sock Race are played. Now this is not possible due to the corona, they have a virtual drink. Van Tomme ensures that there is bitterness for everyone involved.

Virtual drink is nothing new. Last year, the Dutch could not come together because of the corona. Then came the idea of ​​causing bitterness to Glenn. “The bitter ones are now an age,” Van Tomme jokes.

Glenn van Tomme of Ortonberg once traveled to Mexico as the starting point of a long journey. Two-and-a-half years later, he is still in the country: he and his Mexican girlfriend sell mini pancakes in Mexico City with food truck La Poferia. Recently there have also been Flemish fries on the menu.

The goal was to sell his Bofordzes at major festivals in Mexico, but Corona threw a spanner into the works of that project.

Meanwhile, Van Tomme hopes to relax in the country, and now the warmer months are in a corner. They seem to be coming. “We are on the verge of a yellow mark, so there are rumors that it is being reduced. For us, the hospitality industry and other sectors, this is a good opportunity.”

Listen to the full conversation with Van Tom:

Glenn was bitter on Kings Day