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Vaccine Travel: A Shot for the United States – The World

Alaska wants to vaccinate all visitors for free from June to revive tourism.

Politicians, TV personalities, businessmen and a football team: From all over Latin America, from Paraguay and Peru, people go to the United States for the corona vaccine they want.

Politicians, TV personalities, businessmen and a football team: From all over Latin America, from Paraguay and Peru, people go to the United States for the corona vaccine they want. “It’s about survival,” Virginia Gonzalez told the AP news agency. In Mexico, the government does not buy enough vaccines. She seems to not care about the citizens. ‘Gonzalez and her husband, suffering from cancer, flew from the Mexican city of Monterey to Texas on the advice of a doctor, where they took another bus to the vaccination center. In Mexico, the opportunity to be vaccinated in the United States has triggered a “wave” of vaccinated tourists, according to Expansion reports, even travel agents. All 19 players on a professional football team flew to Dallas for a shot from a wealthy industrial city of Montreal. In the United States, 40.2 percent of people already have at least one injection. Only 8.8 percent of Mexicans received the first dose. Mexico, which has a population of 125 million, has so far been able to insure 18 million vaccines. Most of these have gone to health professionals, people over 60 and some teachers. Those under the age of 40 can wait until next year. Most countries in Latin America except Chile are one of them. Daniela, a 37-year-old PR expert from Mexico City, told the Mexican newspaper Expansion that she gained “peace of mind” by making a one-shot trip to the United States. He claims to have lost his grandfather, a daughter-in-law and one of his best friends to Govt-19. Tourist visa and corona checks, airline tickets, hotels and rental cars for anyone looking to travel to the United States for a corona pepper. Proof of residency in some US states is required. About half of you only need to provide an official ID. In Texas, anyone over the age of 16 can be vaccinated, even at regular pharmacists. In other states, such as Arizona, only licensed residents can be vaccinated. The rich Mexican takes a private plane to the United States to get vaccinated. For example, the manager of a charter company tells Expansion that he cannot sustain the need. He charges 000 16,000 for two flights between the city of Toluca, Mexico, and Texas. Reactions to foreign vaccine tourism have been mixed. After popular Mexican TV personality Juan Jose Origal and Argentina’s Yanina Latorre shared photos of themselves being vaccinated in Miami via social media, the state of Florida decided it could no longer only vaccinate residents. Alaska, on the other hand, is going to vaccinate all tourists who want it for free from June in an effort to revive the ailing tourism industry. The vaccine tourism protocol may be questionable, but it is gaining momentum. Cuba, which produces a variety of vaccines, will also vaccinate tourists. ‘Beaches, Caribbean, Mojitos and a vaccine. Everything in one place. What do you think about that offer? ‘, The video of the Venezuelan state channel Telesur promises Cuba’s promise to give visitors a home shot: triggering tourism by providing travel packages with the vaccine. The government calls this 3D tourism: ‘visit, vaccination and vacation.’ Earlier, Euronews announced that a Norwegian travel agency was offering vaccination trips to Russia: 1 1,199 for two trips, one for each dose of the Spotnik-V vaccine. A travel agency based in Belgrade, Serbia, is trying to get Dutch people interested in vaccination trips to the country, read in the NPO.

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