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Go to the beach without iPhone with Apple Watch Cellular

Go to the beach and you are comfortable Apple Watch Cellular (4G) Leave your iPhone safe at home.

You know it: you go to the beach for a day, but you don’t really dare go to the sea for very long. Your iPhone is in shoes, under a beach towel, and backpack on top, yet you worry that someone is going to take it away in an unguarded moment. But leaving the iPhone at home isn’t an option either. Because you also want to listen to music when you’re drying out on the beach.

A solution to this dilemma can be found in Apple Watch Cellular via T-Mobile network. because of the new T-Mobile Multisim Are you now also using the cellular version of Watch in the Netherlands.

Strand Apple Watch

Stream, pay and call with your Apple Watch Cellular

The big advantage when you go to the beach with your Apple Watch Cellular is that it has an eSIM and that means you have an active cellular connection, even when you leave your iPhone at home. As a result, you can simply stream music, make contactless payments, and even make calls and send messages with your Apple Watch. These are the main things that you usually do at the beach with your iPhone and now you can continue to do without your iPhone. So you no longer have to leave your wallet at the beach. Very assured!

Waterproof for added safety

Besides the fact that you no longer have to worry about your iPhone or wallet being stolen, it’s also a good idea that your Apple Watch is 4th generation water resistant. So you can just go to sea with it! Everything you need for a day at the beach on your wrist. Simply leave a towel, bag, and some food and drink at the beach, and yet you’re practically equipped with all the amenities of an iPhone. So you can finally really relax on an air mattress bouncing above the waves!

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Has the Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular been tested?

Want to test the new Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular? We have prepared a promotion with T-Mobile where you have a chance to try this new Apple Watch. Read more about it on our page Want to try the Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular first? This is your chance.