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good morning! Blunderbus, needle work and gift

The Goss-Porcel steam train is also a tense thing: you know the historic steam train passing through the Jack von Suid-Powland. Today workers have work to do. With the help of two cranes, a real train wagon will be installed this afternoon as a future extension of the Terminus at Hodekenskirk. The cart is a German example of what has been called a ‘blunderbus’ since the 1920s. By March 1, the wagon had already arrived in Porcell. It will arrive in Hodekenskirk this afternoon with a new coat of paint.

Work for ninety artisans who have been embroidering on acetone tape for many years. Its results have now finally come into view. Erna Ronsard of Sauce Van Gent is one of the most frantic embroiderers. She calculated approximately how many hours she had already spent on the carpet. That should be about 2,000, he says. When she was already an experienced craftsman five years ago, now she can dream about stitch sewing, plain sewing and flat sewing.

Car Hong Mui, an autistic artist from Heinkensand, is also a hard worker. He is making progress, which could be awarded with the International Award Prize, the most important gift for disabled artists. His work has come in the top three of hundreds of submissions. His supervisor, Iris de Maker, is proud of him: “He’s very happy to receive this recognition now, and his work may hang among the big names in the art world.”

New forests

Zeeland will receive 425 hectares of forest by 2030. It is stated in the Geland Forest View. It has more than 800 football fields in the New Zealand jungle. The first trees were planted Wednesday in a meadow near Klinge. In this way, the two forests are connected to each other.

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This morning it will vary with broad clarification, but local winter rain is likely. This afternoon is very sunny with cumulus clouds. Moderate northeasterly winds of 3 to 4 with a maximum of 9 degrees today.